Alex Waterson
Graphic Designer & Creative

The Weavers Factory


The Weavers Factory

The Weavers Factory is an art gallery due to open in April 2019 and located in Saddleworth, Manchester. Built in 1808, the Weavers Factory is a Grade-II Listed Georgian property, designed for domestic weavers to weave wool by hand-looms which the gallery inherits it's name from.

The brand of The Weavers Factory needed to be a flexible and dynamic to be able to support and highlight the artists work on display as apposed to being the main focus. Keeping the core element of the brand to be a three demential W married with an elegant logo type created the heart of the identity. Keep the brand elements stripped back allows for the work to speak for itself and gives the the gallery the best possible 

The identity allows for the brand to develop over time as the gallery grows. Keeping the core elements and typography consistent the colour and deliverables of the brand both on print and screen have breathing room to grow and evolve.

Branding, Identity, Typography