Alex Waterson
Graphic Designer & Creative
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The aesthetic culture of neon signage.


The aesthetic culture of neon signage.

Graphic Arts Research project - The Aesthetic Culture of Neon Signage.

My Graphic Arts Research Projects explored into the different connotations and relationship we all have with the glowing light form. Neon is just a visual masterpiece I felt a that creating a film around the topic was the best way to present. With in the film it discusses the way neons connotations have changed over the years from the 'glitz' and 'glam' to being associated with the the more 'sleezy' part of town.

Along with the Film I created a book containing the transcript of the film along with a screenshot of each clip used in the film. The front of the book was screen printed using glow in the dark ink to reflect the glowing signage

Photography, Videography, Layout Design, Screen Printing,