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+ HI There

I photographed a few items to try to help you get to know me better. The first thing you should know Is I love making things. Whether that is concrete lettering or a wooden shelf.

+ My Watch

I never leave the house with out my watch. If you see me with out it Im probably running late!

+ Neon

I love neon signage. It's one of the nicest things on our streets. The humble glow gives our cities a glowing pulse.

+ Photography

Photography has alway been a big passion of mine. I love to explore both old and new methods of photography wether thats 35mm film, polaroids or digital.

+ Music

I Love my music. I think there is nothing better than finding that one album and listening on repeat. It is what inspires me to design.

+ 3D Printing

I discovered 3D printing in 2016 and since then I have been hooked. It has became a hobby of mine and still something which fascinates me. I love seeing something go from on screen to a physical tactile product.

+ Containers

I have a small obsession with containers. I don't know why but tins, boxes, tubs. I just like containers. When traveling I always try to find interesting boxes to bring back home.

+ Sloths

I Just love sloths


Experience: - 2017
Kode Digital - 2016
Smiling Wolf - 2012

Graphic Design & Illustration BA (Hons). Liverpool John Moores University.

Previous Clients:
OPEN Magazine / Gilmour Juniors School / LJMU / Kidswheels Association / Liverpool Organist Society / Liverpool Sound City / JUSCO / ZOnE into Talking

Hi There,

Im Alex,  a Graphic Designer based in Liverpool.

I Love what I do, design is what I enjoy and making nice things is what I am passionate about. My work varies from project to project. I try to think of new and interesting ways to approach my work to keep ideas and concepts fresh. I am not afraid of exploring new techniques and methods in my work and I think this gives the best possible outcome.

If you have any questions send me an email, Id love to hear from you.

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